Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning for Fall

As part of my ongoing project to organize my studio space, I've slowly been putting up shelves, painting and making a place for everything. I've been collecting cans over the last few weeks to make pen and paintbrush holders, and as of this morning, finally had enough to hold everything.

I used tin cans in different sizes (canned peaches from the farmers market, coffee and olives, among other things) and covered them in my favorite batik paper available here.

A little double sided tape and five minutes later, and there you have it. A set of mighty-fine paintbrush holders.


  1. Ooooo!! Your workspace is lovely. I love that batik paper too and might do the same thing in my space!

    You should submit your pictures to the unclutterer.com "workspace of the week" flicker pool. I love how everything is organized but still really inspiring.


  2. The link:



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