Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shipping in time for the Holidays!

Christmas is coming! (Have I mentioned that already?) I wanted to post the shipping deadlines here so that everyone can get their orders in time. For international shipping, order by this Monday, December 9th, for holiday delivery. And for domestic orders, get your order in by Friday, December 20th for holiday delivery.

To place an order, head over to the shop. Or, you can shop in person at these markets, or in these stores!


  1. post the dispatching due dates here with the goal that everybody can get their requests in time. For worldwide transporting, request by this Monday, December ninth, for occasion conveyance.

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  3. Yep indeed nice work to make a tool for printing with not a extra machinery easy to adopt & to make in home flowers printing papers.

  4. Dear Katherine

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  6. Hi
    I want know were I can nuy your micro carving tools?

  7. Hi Katharine
    I want know another thing.
    What type of chisel you use for mini details of leaves?
    please answer me ,because I don't know what measure I must buy.


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