Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Inspiration Day

It's pouring in DC today and it feels like monsoon season in Hong Kong here. It reminds me of the huge vines that would grow in our driveway, the five foot webs that spiders would weave between the guardrails and the tree branches, and the sound of the drains that turned into rushing rivers in minutes. I am holed up in the apartment with a cup of jasmine tea, a stack of papers to be organized, and a pile of art supplies begging to be used.

Thinking about the strange monsoon season plants in Hong Kong reminds me of the succulents I saw at the Oregon Gardens in Salem this summer: planted on roofs, in teacups, and an entire room used as a planter.

So today is a day for inspiration. A time to work on all those fun projects I wouldn't have time for if I were to brave the elements and go outside. A time to look through old photos, pull supplies out of dusty boxes, and make something beautiful that wouldn't fit into a normal schedule.

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