Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last year, I painted a mural on my friend Rachel's wall. This week she is leaving DC to do her own textile research (we'll be meeting her in Asia in the spring) and is saying goodbye to the mural too, so I thought I would post some pictures here.

She was incredibly trusting and let me paint it free hand, and after doing a little sketch on paper I came up with it as I went. I used the same "safari green" she had on the other walls, and a dark red as a highlight. Her bed used to cover the bottom few inches of the mural, so where it now looks cut off, it used to look like a headboard.

I heard a rumor that the new owner likes it though, so it won't be painted over just yet.


  1. I can confirm this rumor. I'm the new owner of the room, and I love the mural; there's no way I'm painting over that. Thanks, Katharine!

  2. Thanks Aimee! I'm sure I'll see you there soon, I'll be the one sneaking in to use your fire pit!


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