Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will Work for Textiles

What have we actually been doing for the last month, you ask? Since we got to Kutch, we've been working on documenting the collection of a local textile expert, cataloging the age and origin of each piece and photographing each one. The collection has over 1500 pieces, and we just hit the 400 mark.

We started this when our friend Salim mentioned that they needed someone to catalog the collection, but never had the time or equipment to do it. Wanting to stay in Bhuj, and traveling with cameras and computers, we immediately volunteered and have been spending our days photographing since.

Because the pieces are part of a private collection, I won't be sharing the photos here, but I've been taking a few close-ups to document the techniques. Below is block printing, kantha stitch, Parsi embroidery, more kantha, running stitches, mochi embroidery, zari embroidery, kalimkari, and more kantha stitches.


  1. These are stunning! The craftmanship is incredible... I'm so jealous you get to see these in person and spend time with them. Good luck with the documentation :)

  2. Hello Katherine
    I'd switch places with u anytime. I am dreaming of Indian, sun and textiles all the time. I am a long time Printing Press lurker and a great fan of your work!
    :- )

  3. Thanks! I'm so glad you both like seeing the textiles!


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