Thursday, September 13, 2012

Block Printing on Film

Hand Carved Design from Cassie Spodak on Vimeo.

My friend Cassie came up to visit this summer, and while she was here she shot some footage of me carving a linoleum block. Cassie is an amazing filmmaker (you can see her other videos here) and she turned it into this beautiful video that shows the full block printing process, from a sketch to a print.

Thank you Cassie!


  1. Hi! Great video and lovely work! I was wondering what kind of linoleum you use.


    1. Thanks! I usually get my linoleum at Dick Blick, I use different types for different projects (depending on the texture I'm looking for) so try some of these:

  2. Beautiful film, Katherine! It's always good to see how others do their work.

  3. Most printers will pre-flight check for common file problems before you print. If you print with us,


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